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Nikoloz Baratashvili House Museum

House Museum
    • Sololaki, st. Chakhrukhadze, 17
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    • 11:00 to 16:00   mn-sn

About us

The museum opening was arranged on October 31, 1982 with help of Georgian literary man Dumbadze.

Funds of the museum store more than 2,000 items which are connected with the life and work of the poet Baratashvili. Household items restore the ambience of the XIX century's poet house. Due to the all extant exhibits (photos, manuscripts, drawings, furniture), visitors can appreciate the originality and charm of the XIX century's Tbilisi.

Museum possesses objects that represent the working of N. Baratashvili in organizing literary associations and state service in Nakhchivan and Ganja.

One of the main purposes of the museum is attracting talented young people to creative literary activities and promotion of N. Baratashvili.

That's why museum regularly arranges a literary contest "Small prose" as well as the evenings of music and literature, exhibitions of illustrators, presentations of new books, meetings with authors. The museum has a Sunday school.