• Ortachala, st. Kheivani,
      • +995 32 278 80 50,
      • +995 558 53 06 40
    • 10:00 to 00:00 (till last guest leaves)   mn-sn

About us

Walking along the right bank of the river Kura in the center of the Georgian capital, local residents and visitors can notice the two-story Georgian restaurant with a garden and a head waiter dressed in traditional apparel at the entrance. He gives them a choice: to have a rest on the ground floor in the atmosphere of the Old Tbilisi Town, or to book a table in the hall on the second floor for the fans of European style.

Also there is an opportunity to spend the evening on the terrace. It should be noted the high level of service at the restaurant where all the waiters are dressed in ancient Georgian clothes, and a plain waiting often turns into a show with dancing and fire.

The menu includes a wide variety of national and Western dishes. Highly skilled chefs cook only fresh and natural products. Here you can try a lot of specialties of the house, including "Ortachalis Turpa", "Husaruli", "Valentini", and others. The average dinner for one person costs about 70 GEL and there is a flexible system of discounts on the menu items and banquet services for the regular guests.

The total capacity of the place is about 250 persons. The restaurant has its own entertainment show, including a live music, Latin American and folk dances every day after 7:00 pm.

Restaurant "Ortachala" opens daily at 10:00 and runs until the last guest leaves.