Beer bar
    • Saburtalo, ave. Vaja-Pshavela, 4
      • +995 32 243 43 14
    • 10:00 to 00:00 (till last guest leaves)   mn-sn

About us

It's believed that Czech Republic is a country of good beer, and this is fully justified. However, in order to relax with a glass of "Zubr" (Czech beer) you don't need to go to Prague because the "Prague" is located in Saburtalo district right in the center of Tbilisi.

The restaurant can receive about 65 persons in its two halls.

Exterior and interior of the place are decorated in a modest style of a traditional Czech bar. Inside you can see the variety of thematic photos and a certificate which confirms that the beer "Zubr" won the gold medal at the festival of the city in 2005. Furniture and accessories are also quite ascetic and fit with the atmosphere.

Restaurant menu includes Georgian and European dishes. Kidney beans in a clay-pot and fried shrimp in wine sauce are worthy of remark there. Chicken Kiev and "Caesar" salad are not proud of the place, so you should look toward the rabbit shashlik and stroganoff instead. Beer bar "Prague", unfortunately, provides very poor choice of desserts. Prices of the place are pretty affordable, so you can dine for 20-25 GEL. Also from 12 am to 16 pm you can get a discount of 20%.

The restaurant has parking, and guests can pay a bill with all kinds of plastic cards as well as use free access to Wi-Fi. Restaurant opens every day at 10 am.