Rustaveli Theatre

    • Mtatsminda, ave. Rustaveli, 17
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About us

Luxury building in the manner of Rococo on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi has been a home for the National Rustaveli Theatre more than 100 years. Despite the fact that this place was recognized as a Georgian dramatic theater only on 25 November 1921, its history began long before that.

The building was constructed in 1879 for the Society of Artists. Later, thanks to such figures as Mardzhanishvili and Abashidze, the foundations for theatrical productions were made, including plays based on the works of Shakespeare and other classics.
The theater had a lot of changes during the Soviet era, when they claimed conceptual methodology of directing creativity and ideas of the author in the country's borders of cultural life.

Today the Rustaveli Theatre is very popular among local and foreign theater lovers. Spectators can enjoy the plays at one of three stages: a large stage with 800 seats, a small stage with 300 seats and a hall for experimental performances of 182 seats.

The theater stars at the time were such prominent figures as Guram Sagharadze, Kakha Kavsadze Zinaida Kverenchhiladze and others. Today you can see on the stage the charisma of Nino Arsenishvili, Gogi Gvelesiani, Tatuli Dolidze and other equally talented actors. Most productions are directed by Robert Sturua.

One of the most popular performances there are "The Prince and the Pauper," "12 Angry Men", "The Hunting Season", as well as unique performance for the family in the form of Shadow Theater called "The Four Seasons of the Year." Tickets for all events can be ordered in the comfort of home, and their prices vary from 6 to 15 GEL.