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About us

The "Rustaveli" cinema which is situated on Rustaveli Avenue and opposite the Georgian parliament is the largest and iconic cinema of Tbilisi along with "Amirani". The cinema occupies four-story building that is a historic landmark of the Georgian capital. It was designed by the architect Nicholai Severov in Stalin Empire style with sculptures made by Valentine Topuridze and Shota Mikatadze which represent different social groups of people. "Rustaveli" was opened in 1939 and initially its capacity was 1,200 people.

Company "Rustaveli Cinema" possesses its building today. In 1999 it was reconstructed, modernized and equipped with 3D technology and Dolby Digital. New "Rustaveli" was opened on July 11, 1999 with doubled number of seats and 5 screens. On a total area of 4641 square meter guests are greeted with several play areas, including a family entertainment center "Madagascar", several small shops, cafés and a snack bar.

"Rustaveli" with 415 seats attracts about 1000 people every day. The price of ticket for the daytime sessions is 5 GEL and for evening shows it is 10-15 GEL. According to statistics, the main visitors are young people, but adults visit the cinema either.
Priority movies of cinema are blockbusters and thrillers. It distinguishes "Rustaveli" from his colleague "Amirani," where art films are mainly attended. Cinema "Rustaveli" has partnerships with the major international film companies, including "Twentieth Century Fox", "Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing," "Universal Studios," "Warner Brothers."