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About us

One of the oldest cinemas of the city "Sakartvelo" has been going in the Georgian capital since 1957. Located on the street of David Guramishvili it has been renovated recently. Today this is a bright clean building with advertising posters that invite you to the fascinating world of 3D-movies.

Cinema hall is for 155 people. It is equipped with the latest technology in Georgia such as air conditioning and sound-absorbing panels that provide comfort while you watch a movie. The comfortable chairs have special supports for drinks and popcorn. Also you can try double seats «Love-seats».

"Sakartvelo" attracts citizens of Tbilisi also because it has one of the most famous entertainment centers for kids called "Balu". It offers arranging of fun events, a variety of surprises, sweet menu, video and photo shoots, discos with DJs in costumes of favorite cartoon characters and the showing of animation films. Ordering a birthday party or other celebration, you should note that kids can't be older than 15 years.

Also the cinema complex includes a café and an exhibition hall. The lobby has plasma monitors with trailers, music videos and commercials.

Films to be shown in "Sakartvelo" are selected among the various genres in line with the current repertoire of Georgia: foreign fantastic fighters, which it is interesting to watch in the format of 3D, horror and drama, new national cinema (especially Georgian comedies are popular). Russian movies are shown some days either. In order to attract a large number of visitors, the cinema often organizes special events like "two tickets for the price of one". Standard ticket price is 5-10 GEL (depends on time of the session).