Strip сlub
    • Vera, st. Kostava, 37
      • +995 599 34 30 95,
      • +995 558 40 50 20
    • 22:00 to 05:00   mn-sn

About us

It the center of the Georgian capital close to the best hotels and casino "Adjara" you can find leading, according to the lots of reviews, strip club of Tbilisi. Place offers a range of non-standard services as well as billiards and a menu of European cuisine and sushi.

The club is located in the old building and its walls are faced with century-long masonry. The interior resembles medieval Georgian castles with antique chandeliers and designer furniture. Interesting lighting is a part of the performance.
Dancers in "Diva" are constantly changing, so the possibility that the regular customer may get bored, comes to nothing. Club cherishes its regular guests, who make up its backbone of the audience. At the entrance there is a strict face control, because the proper art of erotic dance can't be appreciated by everybody.
Music choice for performances is quite wide. There are popular modern hits, electronic music, hip-hop, R&B, and so on. Guests have the opportunity to order a private dance, lap dance, a romantic date for 30 minutes, and many other unusual services from section «Crazy menu».

An already exciting evening of the real man can be improved by the wide tobacco list and alcoholic beverages, including cocktails and spirits. Exclusive cigars and aged whiskey will be an integral part of the real leisure concept.

The strip club is open every day from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am. To book your place, you need to contact the club by phone in advance.