Museum Museum of E. Akhvlediani

Museum of E. Akhvlediani

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About us

The museum of one of the founders of modern Georgian art, Eleni Akhvlediani (1901-1975), was opened in 1976. The interior of the artist's apartments is reconstructed in details. The centre of the collection is the works of the artist. Among the main subjects of Ahvlediani's paintings there are urban landscapes (Tbilisi, Shatila, Pisanauri, etc.), nature, especially winter views ("Winter in Tbilisi", 1968), graphics ("Old and new Tbilisi"). Some of the exhibits express theater decorator's activities of Ahvlediani in the Theater of Mardzhanishvili, the Drama Theatre in Kutaisi, the Theater of Opera and Ballet of Taras Shevchenko in Kiev and other cities of the USSR. She created the scenery for performances such as "The Three Fat Men" (1931), "Mother" (1957), "Masquerade" (1956) and many others. Work of Akhvlediani as a set designer for movies is represented in the museum as well ("Color of Pomegranates", 1968). She also worked as an illustrator for editions of Longfello, M. Cervantes, Victor Hugo, I. Chavchavadze, V. Pshavela. The museum possesses exhibits devoted to her life and creative work in Italy, France, Czech Republic, Estonia and Ukraine.

A significant part of the funds is the collections of decorative art which were brought by E. Akhvlediani from different regions of Georgia. In the museum you can see the ceramic and metal vessels, objects of folk art made with technology of graining.

The museum is involved in active educational activities such as organizing the gatherings of artists and writers, temporary exhibitions of art of the past and present. Museum staff develops educational programs for children and teenagers.