Acid Bar


About us

An extraordinary network of bars in Tbilisi was established its first place in the Vera district. "Kala Group" decided to open the first "Acid bar" next to the State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Guests of the place, as a rule, are young people who appreciate good food, great cocktails, and, of course, music of acid jazz.

Interior is simple and homey. Each of the two floors has the bar with a wide selection of drinks. Furniture was chosen in a very unusual way, just like everything else there: guests can relax at the little tables or on cushions on the floor. The bar hasn't a lot of light as the other places of the network; quite the contrary – subdued lightning creates a romantic atmosphere and disposes to simple conversation in a company. The walls are decorated with posters which can be interesting for the people who like to puzzle over something.

Cuisine can be described as mixed. There you can find well-cooked burgers, dumplings, delicious chocolate desserts, great ice cream, and many other interesting items of Georgian cuisine combined with pizza and sandwiches. Prices are above the average level, but it's pretty reasonable for the center of the capital.

The main thing of the "Acid bar" is the atmosphere created by the staff (virtuosic bartenders and chefs) and the typical music. People come there to relax. Every night you can listen to live music. You can pay your bill by credit cards. The bar is open every day from 10 am to 2 am.