Generator 9.8

    • Mtatsminda, st. Giorgi Atoneli, 29
      • (+995) 557 229 998
    • 10:00 to 00:00   mn-sn

About us

 Generator 9.8 is the first non-profit Co-working Space & Social Bar of Georgia, which has a form of social enterprise, based on volunteering and "sharing economy" principles. Generator 9.8 includes two parallel activities, which are: 1. Co-working space - From 10:00 am to 19:00 pm, Generator 9.8 offers Interested persons / organizations working space and conditions for carrying out such activities. Co-working space is an ideal setting for an active social, innovator, creator and open reflective people, who are attracted by the principles of interaction and shared community. 2. Social Bar - "Bar 9.8" from 19:00 pm all the space given to the social bar, that means: every night - various events, such are: public lectures, exhibitions, musical events, educational workshops, screenings, experimental events, clubs, informal meetings and etc.