Places to visit in Tbilisi for 24 hours

If you are going to the busiest city of Georgia, you can be confused by wide variety of places and restaurants in Tbilisi. It can be difficult to choose the first places to visit.

If you’d like to feel the originality and variety of attractions and sights, you need pretty much time like a week or more. However, if tourist knows some secrets, he can feel the atmosphere of the city, try local cuisine and see the hospitality of the local people for shorter time.
So, we're going to make something almost impossible – excursion in Tbilisi in 24 hours.
Breakfast in the restaurant "In the Shadow of Metekhi": 10.00-11.00
As a preparation for the view of the main attractions in Tbilisi you need to have a good breakfast in traditional style. You can do this in one of the best restaurants "In the Shadow of Metekhi".
The place is located in Old Tbilisi town where terrace offers breathtaking view of the fortress Narikala. The traditional choice of Georgian dishes and "live" folk music create unique atmosphere. Prices in the restaurant are just above the average level of the capital, so most of the tables in the morning are not occupied.
Guests who know a little about the national cuisine can ask for help nice waiters. They can advise you to start the meal with a cheese plate and greens kharcho, salads and cold appetizers "Kuchmachi". All the dishes are accompanied by fresh bread and corn tortillas that you should dip into the special sauce of beans. It should also be noted a great selection of wines.
One of the best courses in the restaurant are Georgian shashlik (mtsvadi), meat with tomatoes and cilantro (Chashushuli), traditional roast (Odzhahuri), a beef stew with greens (Chakapuli), chicken in garlic sauce (Chkmeruli) .
How to get there: "In the Shadow of Metekhi" is situated near the metro station "Avlabari" in Metehi district (st. Tsamebuli, 23A).
Walk along the Rustaveli Avenue: 11.00-13.00
Tbilisi is the center of Georgian history and culture. To immerse yourself in it it’s necessary to make a walk along the main street of the city – Rustaveli Avenue.
Rustaveli is the central artery of the city where a metropolitan life goes through. Street is named after Georgian poet who lived in the XII century.
Avenue was founded in the XIX century with the support of Prince Vorontsov. One and a half kilometers of the busy street are crowned by two squares – Liberty sq. and Rustaveli sq. Everywhere you can see loads of green space. It's hard to find more popular place then Rustaveli Avenue with its museums and theaters, monuments, churches and temples, shops and boutiques, restaurants and café. All the places here are full of hospitality and simplicity.
The main tourist attractions of the Avenue are the Academy of Sciences, Georgian National Museum, Drama Theatre, Griboyedov Theater, Shota Rustaveli Theatre, the Parliament of Georgia and many other exciting places.
How to get there: the easiest way to get to the Rustaveli Avenue is underground (the metro station is "Freedom Square").
Church Anchishati: 13.00-14.00
In the old part of the capital of Georgia you can find one of the most ancient churches of the Nativity of Virgin Mary that was built during the reign of Vakhtang Gorgasali in the VI century. The temple got its name in honor of the monastery Anchi’s icon that appeared here in the XVII century.
The stone structure was built in the style of Palestinian architecture. The doors of the temple are crowned with a Georgian cross. Arch and the upper parts of the building were reconstructed in XVII-XIX centuries. The oldest extant relic of the church is a medallion with a cross that situated in the west facade of the church.
How to get there: nice walk from the metro station "Rustaveli" can be the most comfortable way to see the attraction.
Visit the State Museum of Georgia: 14.00-15.00
Not every tourist prefers to explore the museums and palaces of the cities. However, the Georgian State Museum is a unique repository of artifacts that can tell a lot not only about the history and culture of the country, but about the Caucasus on the whole.
Objects of ethnographic value are especially loved by visitors: ancient weapons of the Middle East, traditional clothes, carpets, wood products and so on.
The museum also has its own version of the Gold Room where unique objects found during the excavations of the mound Trialeti (II century BC) are represented. Silver and gold plates decorated with precious stones are the pride of the museum. Gold Cup with unusual pattern gained worldwide fame.
Visiting the temple Metehi: 15.00-16.00
The ancient church that was built in the XII century is situated on the bank of the river Mtkvari (Kura). It is a witness of the long and interesting city history. Earlier this place was a palace of the kings. Supposedly it was built by the founder of Tbilisi – Vakhtang Gorgasali.
Almost a thousand years of its existence the temple Metehi has been destroyed several times, but then it was reconstructed and restored.
How to get there: the temple is located near the metro station "Avlabari" in Metehi district.
Visiting the temple Tsminda Sameba: 16.00-17.30
One of the symbols of the country is the largest cathedral of the Orthodox Church of Georgia that located on the hill of St. Elijah. The temple has the highest value not only in the capital but also in the whole of Georgia. It can be seen from any place of the city.
This architectural giant had been building for nine years, and in 2004 it was completed. Then the temple joined the list of the tallest Orthodox churches in the world. The building height is 98 meters, an area is 5000 square meters and a total capacity is about 15,000 parishioners.
Around the building you can see a green garden, a pond with swans and a pheasant’s territory. The architectural style is a stark contrast to the surrounding buildings but it is not the opposite of its value.
How to get there: Tsminda Sameba temple is located near the metro station "Avlabari".
Tour to Fortress Narikala: 17.30-19.00
Stone walls and high towers of the ancient building Narikala impress every tourist. The fortress is located on the Mount Mtatsminda which offers spectacular views of the whole Tbilisi. It is believed that Narikala is the same age as the capital and maybe it’s the witness of the more ancient time.
The historical name of the fortress is "Shuris-Tsikhe" that translates as "enviable fortress". However during the Mongol-Tatar invasion the building was renamed as "Narin Qala". It is translated from Mongolian as "Small Fortress". All the attempts of enemies to destroy the castle have failed.
But the fortress Narikala didn’t resist the forces of nature in 1827 – an earthquake damaged the walls and towers of the structure. Later this ancient Tbilisi attraction was restored.
How to get there: ropeway near the Bridge of Peace permits tourists easy way to reach the attraction.
Dinner at the restaurant "Salobio": 20.00-22.00
This restaurant of traditional Georgian cuisine is one of the most hospitable places near the capital. Georgian president awarded the place by diploma and announced the place genuine national restaurant. "Salobio" is like a private home where neighbors peaceably dine at the balcony.
Here you can see the waiters who serve traditional hinkali, hot Lobio, mchadi and the best homemade wine on the trays in incredible quantities.
The restaurant has a rich and long history. Locals say that Pushkin had dinner at this place once during his travelling along the Caucasus. Staff makes believe that the menu doesn’t change during the last 45 years.
How to get there: place is located in the ancient capital of Georgia (Mtskhet) where you can reach by shuttle bus from the station “Didube” in the capital. "Salobio" is situated at the entrance of the city.
View of the night Tbilisi panorama: 22.00-23.00

What can be better than to see the night city with a bird's eye view? Since 2012 the guests and residents of the city had such an opportunity due to the opening of the ropeway. Using it you can ride from the Rike Park to the castle Narikala. You can use it every day from 11 am to 11 pm.
A single trip costs only 1 GEL and the capacity of a cabin is 8 people. Night Tbilisi fascinates everyone, because all the attractions are equipped with mood lighting.
How to get there: tourists can reach the place by walking from the metro station "Avlabari".
Walking across the bridge of Peace: 23.00-24.00
The new conceptual structure is located in the heart of the Georgian capital. It connects the Old Town and the modern city of Tbilisi. The unusual design of the bridge is created by Italian architect Michele De Lucchi in collaboration with the French engineer Philippe Martineau. It’s a three-dimensional wave-length figure of 156 meters. Over the past few years the bridge of Peace has become one of the biggest projects in Georgia.
A feature of the bridge that has the world fame is a night broadcast of the periodic table elements by Morse code and 30,000 light bulbs. The idea of the project is the unity of nations and nationalities, which is independent of prejudice.
How to get there: the bridge of Peace is located in the center of Tbilisi. It’s connecting Irakli II Street and park Rike, so every local resident can easily show you the way.