Ethnic Bar

About us

Ethnic bar 'Canudos' is a place where you can experience the spirit of travel and mix of national cultures. The main visitors are tourists, students and young people from across the globe. There are always a lot of conversations in different languages, which are devoted to culture, faith and life. You can actively participate or just enjoy the atmosphere of freedom and creativity.

Bar is named after the ancient city in Brazil. According to the legend, it was a home only for those who are pure of heart. In today's world it's difficult to be impregnable, but 'Canudos' collects peculiar, but respectable audience. You can often listen to folk, Gypsy and Eastern music. And the Rastafarian bartender cooks whatever one wants with lightning speed. All the waiters are fluent in English, and the host and hostess are always open to dialogue and can give advice to wanderers. On Friday night you can relax with a live music. In addition, special evenings, games, and movie screenings are often held.

The interior is made in bright colors, but simple tables, chairs and bare wooden floors balance the flashy accessories. Everywhere you can see the different things that characterize a particular country: money, pictures, boarding passes, concert tickets, phone cards, and so on. Bar is decorated with a statue of Buddha, Tibetan prayer flags and rare musical instruments. In the summertime guests can relax outside, where there is a large yard with an old fountain and statue.

The most popular positions of the menu are cheap drinks and great snacks for them. It's wrong to say that this place offers the best beer in the city, but for the price of 3 GEL you can hardly find something better in Tbilisi. Once you are there, you should definitely try the "Italian sandwich". It's the tasty and cheap snack for any beverage and they serve huge portions of it.

'Canudos' is one of the most popular bars in Tbilisi, where you can enter as a lonely stranger, and go out of it as a fellow with a dozen of new friends.