Le Marais

    • Vake, st. I. Abashidze, 32
      • +995 32 222 40 83,
      • +995 599 15 39 04
    • 11:30 to 00:00 (till last guest leaves)   mn-sn

About us

An authentic French restaurant is located in Vera district near tourist attractions and entertainment centers. Locals and visitors of the city know this place as one of the best restaurants for business meetings, corporate events and rest with friends in an elegant, but cozy atmosphere.

The quality of the dishes is provided by the chef from France with experience of many years. A specialty of the house is the salad of marine products, which has the name of the restaurant, as well as the steak and prawns with a variety of sauces which is the pride of the French cuisine. In addition, it's well worth it to give a try to the rich selection of desserts and wines from the cellars of France, including Chablis, Sancerre, Bordeaux and others. Of course, there are also local Georgian wines on the menu.

The restaurant Le Marais welcomes guests in the three halls with a total capacity of 60 people. Interior is decorated in a classic style with shades of white and cream colors, as well as the standard table appointments. The famous Georgian designer Mariana Chkoniya has taken part in creating such a pleasure atmosphere. It is necessary to note a non-smokers' hall that is a rarity among the restaurants in Tbilisi.

Four times a week, guests enjoy live piano music, jazz compositions and performances by the orchestra. In order to get to the restaurant on weekends, you should use the pre-booking service, as well as for the organization of parties and celebrations. Guests have access to free Wi-Fi, and can pay their bills with plastic cards. Place is also works "take away" system. The restaurant is open every day from 11.30 till the last guest leaves.