Restaurant Maspindzelo (Gorgasali area)

Maspindzelo (Gorgasali area)

    • Ortachala, st. Gorgasali, 7
      • +995 32 230 30 30
    • 10:00 to 00:00   mn-sn

About us

The proper pearl of the sulfur baths' district Abanotubani, Georgian restaurant "Maspindzelo" is one of the most hospitable places in the capital. The name in Georgian means "host" and "a person who takes guests", so it is fully justified. After all, the restaurant opens every day at 10 am until the last guest leaves, but in practice it is often open around the clock, especially on weekends, when people visit the place to have a great hinkali after a wingding night out.

The restaurant asserts itself as an authentic Georgian restaurant with modern service and conceptual design. Huge portions in a Caucasian way of the traditional Georgian dishes, including hinkali, pasties, kebabs, hachapuri and assorted local cheeses are complemented with an excellent selection of Georgian wines. All the guests notice excellent entertainment program with live music and choral singing.

The waiters speak English fluently, so the difficulties in communication do not occur, despite the fact that the restaurant is popular mainly among the locals – there are few tourists. Guests can enjoy the outdoor Wi-Fi, but, unfortunately, there is no room for non-smokers, although the exposure works fine. In the summertime guests can relax on the outdoor terrace of the restaurant with friends and favorite Georgian dishes.