Café / restaurant Mukhatsakatukha


Café / restaurant

About us

In the district of Old Tbilisi you can find a family restaurant with quirky and playful name that expresses the essence of the place. It's "Mukhatsakatukha" which means "Boldly Buzzing Fly" from the fairy tale.

Small armchairs, interesting graphics on the walls, old wooden dark green floor and brightly colored walls make this place popular among all lovers of peculiar rest. The creative highlight of the place is complemented with tables and chairs from the different sets. In winter, guests can enjoy the fireplace. Unusual accessories of the interior, such as the antique plaster head, individuate the restaurant "Mukhatsakatukha" among a number of places.

Cafe menu consists mainly of French dishes, but it is not the whole thing. Chef can cook Georgian and European masterpieces as well. Guests can enjoy delicious dishes such as a salad with blue cheese, when the best Georgian wines and unusual cocktails complement the culinary variety. Once you are there, try a glass of traditional Georgian "Saporavi." Prices of the place are pretty overestimated, but the quality of food and convenient location make this warrantable. The check average of the restaurant is 30 GEL.

Every Thursday at the cafe you can listen to a famous jazzman Rezo Kiknadze. Guests have free access to Wi-Fi, and can pay the bill by credit card. Restaurant opens daily at 12 am.