Restaurant / Beer bar Old Town

Old Town

Restaurant / Beer bar
    • Didube, st. A. Bakradze, 1 (Right bank, near Didube bridge)
      • +995 322 103 108,
      • +995 322 103 900,
      • +995 322 102 602,
      • +995 577 57 00 57
    • 11:00 to 00:00 (till last guest leaves)   mn-fri

About us

Walking near the bridge of Didube, locals and visitors can notice an authentic Georgian restaurant complex of three floors. The spacious halls are the perfect place for business meetings, corporate events and celebrations. Despite the fact that the history of the restaurant began only in 2010, it has firmly recommended itself on the market as one of the most stylish and prestigious places.

Outside the restaurant "Old Town" reminds one of the ancient castles, which were the abode of the nobility in the area several centuries ago. The interior also immerses guests in an atmosphere of the Georgian jet set. On the ground floor you can see an abundance of antique wood furnishings and luxurious chandeliers. On the second floor, guests can relax in a conservative European surrounding in the "White Hall." The third floor is appreciated by all lovers of beer, as it is a small brewery. Three kinds of beer are prepared there: filtered and unfiltered white and black. The technological process is similar with traditional German. The total capacity of the tree halls is 410 persons.

Extensive restaurant menu includes Georgian and European dishes with soups, appetizers, meat and fish grilled, baked dishes, side dishes and desserts. It should be noted 11 specialties, including "Fried pig (whole)" and "Shashlik selection In Old Town." Exotic seafood and great wine selection should not be neglected as well.

Entertainment program impresses guests either. Every evening after 8:00 you can listen to live music and watch the Georgian national dances performed by an ensemble of "Old Town." The restaurant has a convenient parking and free access to Wi-Fi. Visitors can pay by credit cards and regular customers have a range of discounts.