Karaoke bar
    • Vera, st. Qiacheli, 28
      • +995 32 298 69 88,
      • +995 558 55 08 88,
      • +995 595 74 70 74
    • 12:00 to 00:00 (till last guest leaves)   mn-sn

About us

Soviet themed bar USSR is for all those who remember this extraordinary piece of history. Visitors can observe the objects of the era and experience the atmosphere of the past years. The karaoke bar is located in the heart of the capital in the Vera district.

Restaurant consists of two halls. The first one includes a bar with round wooden tables and chairs just like in the office of Ulyanov. Old Russian stamps, bank-notes with the images of Lenin, red pennant "Kollectiv kommunisticheskogo truda", the flags of the former Soviet republics, old photos, propaganda posters and other memorabilia are interesting for people of all ages. The second hall is equipped with comfortable leather armchairs and it flashes back in the era of Khrushchev. The total capacity of the two halls is 80 visitors.

Restaurant menu includes soups, salads, fish and meat dishes, appetizers. The chef has 12 years of experience in Russia. It's well worth it to try hot fish dish called "USSR", cooked mushrooms "Proletariat", "Salmon of Brezhnev." You can finish your meal with a tea and lump sugar or homemade jam, served in the "Shevardnadze glass" (glass, placed in a metal frame with a handle). The check average per person is 20 GEL.

In the evening you can listen to "live" music. On Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm it is piano music, on Wednesday from 9 to 10 pm musicians play violin. Generally you can hear the best hits of the sixties from the loudspeakers. Every evening from 9 pm to 12 pm guests have the opportunity to show their musical skills at the karaoke in the second hall for 20 GEL.

Restaurant is open every day from 12 noon until the last guest leaves. It also arranges banquets and birthday parties. In order to get there at the weekend, you need to book a table in advance.