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About us

At a small distance from the bustling center of Tbilisi in an old building you can find a place that combines the features of a café, a nightclub and an art gallery. Every evening from Thursday to Sunday after midnight the plain diner turns into a night club, where you can enjoy performances of the local and foreign DJs. Tuesday evening is the time of the tango and you can take a class of professional dancers.

The entire space of the café is an art. On the walls you can see the ever-changing exhibition of works by Georgian and foreign artists. All the pictures are available for sale. Guests can have a rest on the two floors, terrace and the courtyard. The total capacity is 300 persons. The café has a hall for non-smoking visitors.

The menu offers quite a variety of different cuisines. It is worth to try pizza (for example, "Regina" or "Margarita"), ice cream, home-made wine and lemonade that can't fail to be moved. After midnight it's good to try some cocktails such as the "Cuba Libre", "B-52" and others. Café provides discounts for regular guests.
Café Gallery is a place where electronic music sounds in the evenings and different kinds of the audience attend. Here you can make new friends or meet a celebrity. It should be noted that the access is via a face-control system. During the day it is calm and quiet place like a lounge bar with free Wi-Fi and spacious for inspiration. Café is open every day from 9 am until the last guest leaves.