About us


 The Irish people are fun and easy on lifting. Even in 4000 miles from Ireland, an authentic pub in the center of the Georgian capital is one of the liveliest places. Great location (close to the famous sights of the Old Tbilisi town) attracts crowds of tourists. Here you can see a lot of British, Americans and Europeans, who are generally very friendly and ready for a conversation.


All fans of the western cuisine are pleased with menu of the pub «Hangar», because it is a mixture of Irish, American and Italian cuisine. Proper onion rings that are hard to find in Tbilisi, a wide selection of burgers, fajitas, and cold draft beer are prepared with fresh ingredients, and the most important thing is all of that have a reasonable price.


Owner of the place is a friendly American who greets foreign visitors in their native language. Service is softly, so it is the perfect place for informal dining and relaxing with friends. On Fridays, you can listen to live music. Additionally, «Hangar» often becomes a gathering place for sports fans: on the big screens, you can watch broadcasts of international rugby and football matches. The place is especially popular in the dates of Western holidays such as Halloween and St. Patrick's Day, when the bar holds fun parties.

It should be noted that «Hangar» is one of the few places outside the Ireland, which can be called a proper Irish pub. It is open every day until the last guest leaves.